Who am I and why? are two of those essential questions that everyone will have asked themselves at some point. However, only very few find an answer. This is primarily due to the fact that human beings are strongly visual and complex questions can only be answered pictorially to a limited extent.

Along number, for example, is difficult to remember. Even the postal code is broken down into several parts by most people to make it easier to remember, such as 50-2-9-7. Fifty thousand two hundred and ninety-seven would be just as correct, but if you presented your postal code in this way, you would probably get questioning looks. Because everyday life does not require such numbers.


Numbers are an aid, especially to grasp extremely large and small dimensions. But how much are 44,614,500 square kilometers, for example? A lot! That much is clear, but how much actually? This number is roughly equivalent to the area of Asia. Asia, in turn, is much larger than the entire surface of the Moon (37,932,330 sq km). Would you have guessed?


The fact that we find it difficult to assess numbers if they have no recurring reference is due to the fact that humans can process visual stimuli better and faster than abstract information. Mathematics is, after all, an auxiliary science that is more closely associated with linguistics than with the natural sciences. Spatial imagination, on the other hand, was and is essential for the survival of every living being. Thus the pictorial imagination, from which also the creativity or fantasy springs. This strong power to visualize things consequently increases our understanding of connections and processes.

8 levels of human intelligence


Agenius like Albert Einstein had an IQ of about 160. nbsp] More about IQ / BQ

This IQ value is very high, but what it says exactly and what the difference is to normally intelligent people, the mere number does not explain. So what distinguishes genius from normally gifted people and where does the "madness" begin?

In order to answer this question pictorially and to make differences comprehensible, we have presented "8levels of human intelligence" below.

Skipping a level is mostly not possible, especially at the end of the scale differences arise, which are not based on learnable, but primarily instinctive & autodidactic abilities. However, there is the possibility within the levels through diligence his abilities & his understanding to build up or expand.

Legend Steps 1 - 8

The watchman >> Symbolizes your consciousness and therefore your attention.

Video screen >> Level (1) represents empathic perception in the form of an X-ray, but also moral sense.

Level (2) shows the interconnectedness of interests & activities level (3) (causal understanding).

Level (3) maps general interests & abilities.

Extended Steps 6 - 8

In the realm of extreme giftedness, the number of screens expands according to the simple principle >> 

More screens = More input / causal understanding / creativity / knowledge.


IIn addition, there are three watchmen >> The 1.) Watchman symbolizes consciousness and therefore attention.

The 2.) Watchman represents instinct and thus is a form of the subconscious mind.

The 3.) Watchman represents control & interconnectedness of consciousness, instinct & order.


Level (1) of stages 6 - 8 instinctively show logical understanding of scientific relationships.


Level 1: Mentally underdeveloped



Level 2: Below Average Talent



Level 3: Averagely Talented



Level 4: Above Average Talent


Level 5: Highly Talented



Level 6: Insular Gifted




Level 7: Genius



Level 8: Universalgenius


„ Realität ist die subjektive Wahrnehmung objektiver Umstände. “

- GMS -

„ Jede Freiheit bedeutet die Aufgabe einer Anderen! “

- GMS -

„ Even the universe is not big enough that humans wouldn't make war against each other. “

- GMS -

„ Der Schrank des Lebens hat mehr als nur eine Schublade. “

- GMS -

„ Irren ist menschlicher als das Eingeständnis des Irrtums. “

- GMS -

„ Every time is the wrong and the right. “

- GMS -

„ Talent ist eine Form der Befähigung. Es ist weder erlern- noch kopierbar. "

- GMS -

„ Der Gedanke an ein Morgen ist allein durch den Fortschritt erträglich. "

- GMS -

„ There're million ways to make something wrong, but no reason to take one of them. "

- GMS -

„ Die Seele ist unsterblich, denn was nicht ist wird nie vergehen. "

- GMS -

„ Es kümmert nicht den Spieler, welches Spiel er spielt, solange er gewinnt. "

- GMS -